Atlas PVE

Steam Freeport link’s:
Tundra Freeport: steam://connect/
Tropical Freeport: steam://connect/

Server settings:

Progressive map. Current 6×6 (map will expand as islands become scarce)
No placement collision (Objects can clip into mountains or each other for more realistic builds)
Unlimited re-spec’s
10x Xp Rate
7X Harvest rate
2x Treasure Map Gold
50% for all vitamin’s, water, and stamina drain
10x Mating Speed, Egg hatch speed, Baby Mature speed with .08 as a cuddle timer (faster to get imprint)
2x Stats with 100% imprint
3x Structure’s in range Limit
Resources Spawn 50% closer to builds (less resource blocking)
150 Max player LVL (with discovery’s LVL 70 No discovery’s) This is to promote sailing and exploration
Solo Players allowed 100 Flag points with no company made
Solo with company made players get 150 Island points
Island points scale from 150-225 as you grow to 5 members apart of your company
Max company members is 30 (Bring your friends!)
Large Cannons Snap to Ship Decks
3x Global spoil timer ( dropped items, corps, food)
3x Crop Growth Speed

Steam Mod’s:

Atlas Harvester (Stack mod)
Atlas Shipwright
Atlas Architect
Atlas Beastmaster ( New green glow alphas that drop loot)
Atlas Overseer (allows admins more tools to keep servers running smoothly as well as cleanup)
Peachy atlas Furniture
Peachy Ship Décor
Master Navigator (adds mini map along with compass with skill unlock)
Eco’s RP Décor
Eco’s Atlas foliage
Marvelous Spyglass (can see animal specs)
Market NPC’S (like freeport vendor but admin customizable prices with no resource trade)

Api Plugin Mods:

Atlas Player shop and kit’s ( Starter kit’s and shop items)
Wooly’s Discord Integration (cross global chat with all grids and discord)
Vote reward’s (players rewarded for voting up our server)
Weekend Rate’s (Friday- Sunday select rates are 2x the normal)
Suicide (/suicide chat command to kill yourself)
Tame Paint Tokens