Hg Stacking Mod
Auto Engrams
Awesome Spyglass
Awesome Teleporters
Better Reusables
Castles keeps and forts Legacy
Castle keeps and forts remastered
Dyno Storage V2
More Narcotics/More tranq-arrows
Platforms Plus
Structures Plus


Harvest rate=50x
Genaric Xp= 2x
Crafting Xp=1x
Harvesting Xp=2x
Killing Xp=5x
Special Xp=5x
water/food drain=25%
Stamina drain=50%
health recovery=2x
all per lvl stats 2x, Weight is 7x
Egg hatch speed=15x
Baby mature speed=25x
Tame speed=10x
Imprint Stat scale=1.5x
Max Non tek dyno lvl=150
crop growth speed=3x
Fog disabled
Structure placement collision=Disabled