Ark Server Settings

GE Ark Rates as of June 25, 2022

Automated Daily Restart: 3:00PM UTC
Automated Daily Wild Dino Wipe: 3:00AM UTC

Unlimited Re-spec= True

Platform Saddle Bounds x2
Max Wild Dino Lvl = 175
Tek Suit Powers Enabled (Genesis)
Tamed Damage 150%
Raid Dino Feeding Enabled
Baby Dino anyone allowed to Cuddle after Imprint
Resources respawn 30% faster
5x most items Gather Rate
Crop Growth Speed 50x
No Structure Placement Collision
Structure Decay 2x Longer
All Structures Locking
Passive Defenses Damage Wild Dinos

Per-Level Stat Multiplier’s (Wild): All Stats 1x

Per-Level Stat Multiplier’s (Tamed):
Health 2x
Stamina 2x
Oxygen 2x
Food 2x
Temperature 1x
Weight 5x
Damage 1x
Speed 1.5x

Per-Level Stat Multiplier’s Tamed (imprinted):
All Stats 1.5x

Mate Speed 10x
Egg Hatch Speed 10x
Baby Mature Speed 10x
Tame Speed 10x

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