Gaming-evolved 6×6 PVE Wiped 4/10 Steam ONLY

gaming-evolved servers have been around for about a 8 months with dedicated hardware and active admins and the help of donations through the community.
the server has reports of great performance regardless of players location (currently have players in AUS,EU,USA etc)
NVME drives gb internet speeds Auto updates, Auto daily restarts, Server backups
Fully Custom map made by joe swanson#8587

we have all atlas content to date! all map icons are in the correct locations and work!


10x XP,farming,breeding,taming
50% food and stam drain for all
NO placement collision
2x Treasure gold
Custon loot tables
150 Max player lvl with discoveries
increased weight stats
All resources Varified on map


Atlas Harvester
Atlas Shipwright
Atlas Architect
Atlas Beastmaster
Atlas Overseer
Peacht Atlas Furniture
Peachy Ship Decor
Master Navigator
Eco’s RP Decor
Eco’s Atlas Foliage
Marvelous Spyglass
Discord Intigration
Vote Rewards
Atlas Player Shop
Weekend rates
/suicide chat command
Cross server chat