Atlas Shop Commands

To Check your E-gold balance/points
To see the Shop list where you can spend your E-gold./shop 1 or /shop 2
(list is alphabetical in game, table below is organized by category)/shop 3 or /shop 4
To check your Kits purchased from Game Store (Tebex). /kit

All Players start with 6000 E-Gold and a Starter Tool Kit. Spend it wisely.

All Citizens (default) earn 50 E-Gold for every 15 minutes they are logged in.

Monthly Subscribers earn more E-gold per 15 minutes, according to the Donation Tier they have signed up for.

Shop Commands
(as of May 18, 2022)
You can copy and paste each command.

/buy bed1 GE bed100
/buy medkit3 medkits450
/buy del1 Unthinkable Delicacy200
/buy seeds1 of each seed500
/buy lantern1 Lantern200
/buy paint100 of each dye, 1 brush, 1 sprayer1000
/buy flaregun1 flaregun200
/buy spyglass1 mod spyglass500
/buy hammer1 repair hammer200
/buy sword1 common sword200
/buy bowGE bow100
/buy arrows60 stone arrows50
/buy crossbowGE crossbow750
/buy cbolts60 crossbow bolts300
/buy flintlockGE flintlock1000
/buy bullets100 simple bullets500
/buy hydraGE hydra revolver1000
/buy carbineGE carbine2000
/buy miniballs100 miniball bullets500

All Qualities are based on Atlas RNG

/buy axemetal Axe, common200
/buy axeepicmetal Axe, epic quality2000
/buy pickmetal Pick, common200
/buy pickepicmetal Pick, epic quality2000
/buy sicklemetal Sickle, common200
/buy sickleepicmetal Sickle, epic quality2000
/buy hookGrappling Hook, common200
/buy hookepicGrappling Hook, epic quality2000
/buy climberClimbing pick, common200
/buy climberepicClimbing pick, epic quality2000
/buy shovelShovel, common200
/buy shovelepicShovel, epic quality2000
/buy hidecommonHide armor, common400
/buy hideepicHide armor, epic quality4000
/buy furcommonFur armor, common500
/buy furepicFur armor, epic quality5000
/buy platecommonPlate armor, common600
/buy plateepicPlate armor, epic quality6000
/buy gliderGlider suit1000
/buy sloopWindless vanilla sloop2000
/buy schoonerWindless vanilla schooner4000
/buy fcrewlevel 50 female npc150
/buy mcrewlevel 50 male npc150
/buy ceilingGE BaseWood Ceiling50
/buy doorGE BaseWood Door50
/buy floorGE BaseWood Floor50
/buy roofGE BaseWood Roof50
/buy wallGE BaseWood Wall50
/buy stable1 Stable (Revy’s mod)2000
/buy bola10 GE common bola’s200
/buy saddle2Tier 2 saddle300
/buy saddle3Tier 3 saddle400
/buy cat100level 100 cat500
/buy cat150level 150 cat1000
/buy crow100level 100 crow1000
/buy crow150level 150 crow1500
/buy monkey100level 100 monkey500
/buy monkey150level 150 monkey1000
/buy parrot100level 100 parrot500
/buy parrot150level 150 parrot1000
/buy rabbit100level 100 rabbit500
/buy rabbit150level 150 rabbit1000
/buy bear50level 50 bear500
/buy bear100level 100 bear1000
/buy bear150level 150 bear1500
/buy horse50level 50 horse500
/buy horse100level 100 horse1000
/buy horse150level 150 horse1500
/buy giraffe50level 50 giraffe1000
/buy giraffe100level 100 giraffe1500
/buy giraffe150level 150 giraffe2000
/buy elephant50level 50 elephant1000
/buy elephant100level 100 elephant1500
/buy elephant150level 150 elephant2000
/buy rhino50level 50 rhino1000
/buy rhino100level 100 rhino1500
/buy rhino150level 150 rhino2000
/buy ostrich50level 50 ostrich500
/buy ostrich100level 100 ostrich1000
/buy ostrich150level 150 ostrich1500
/buy wolf50level 50 wolf750
/buy wolf100level 100 wolf1500
/buy wolf150level 150 wolf2000
/buy dolphin50level 50 dolphin1000
/buy dolphin100level 100 dolphin1500
/buy leatherwing150level 150 GE Leatherwing10,000
/buy alloy2k of 7 types of Alloy4000
/buy coal4k of 7 types of Coal2000
/buy crystal4k of 7 types of Crystal2000
/buy fiber5k of 7 types of Fiber2000
/buy flint4k of 7 types of Flint2000
/buy gem4k of 7 types of Gem2000
/buy hide4k of 7 types of Hide2000
/buy keratin4k of 7 types of Keratinoid2000
/buy metal3k of 7 types of Metal2000
/buy oil4k of 7 types of Oil2000
/buy salt4k of 7 types of Salt2000
/buy stone5k of 7 types of Stone2000
/buy sugar4k of 7 types of Sugar2000
/buy thatch5k of 7 types of Thatch2000
/buy wood5k of 7 types of Wood2000

Resource boxes need to be placed and emptied quickly. They will de-spawn at server restart. Because of the weight, players are advised to NOT place and empty them on a ship.

/buy gold1k1000 gold500
/buy gold4k4000 gold2000
/buy gold7k7000 gold3500
/buy gold10k10,000 gold5000
/buy mythos1k1000 mythos1500
/buy mythos4k4000 mythos5000
/buy mythos7k7000 mythos8000
/buy mythos10k10,000 mythos12,000
/buy resbox1k1k of every vanilla resource2000
/buy resbox4k4k of every vanilla resource5000
/buy resbox7k7k of every vanilla resource8000
/buy resbox10k10k of every vanilla resource12,000
/buy geresbox1k1k of every GE resource2000
/buy geresbox4k4k of every GE resource5000
/buy geresbox7k7k of every GE resource8000
/buy geresbox10k10k of every GE resource12,000
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